Advanced Beginner


Ready for more challenging driving like traffic and freeways? Build the advanced skills and experience needed for safe real-world driving.  Three (3) 1-hour training sessions.

Developed to introduce novice drivers to the challenges of driving in a controlled virtual environment. Sessions focus on real-world driving scenarios and improving key skills through specific training activities. Each session builds on the last, providing a comprehensive foundation for early drivers to confidently hit the road.

Session 1 - Intro to Traffic: Spacial Awareness, Signaling, Mirror-Usage, and Lane Changing

Session 2 - Advanced Traffic: Time, Speed, and Distance Judgement

Session 3 - Risk Awareness with a Full Drive

(These are the last three sessions of our full Core 6 Package).


*Drivers must have a signed Learner's Permit with at least 3 hours of behind-the-wheel driving with a Certified Driving Instructor.