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Our Training Details

Designed to take new drivers from zero driving experience through to a capable, road ready driver, Greenlight Simulation’s Core Package includes six one-hour training sessions that build upon each other to create a digital on-ramp to real world driving.

Each 1-Hour session is composed of 3 to 5 distinct training lessons, aka “drives”, where trainees will work on foundational skills, acquire driving knowledge, and build confidence and capability behind the wheel.

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This Session is done with no other drivers, signage, or outside distractions. The focus is to set them up to be a successful driver from day one by emphasizing proper driver positioning and form, and introducing them to each component of driving one at a time. They will practice steering, braking, turning, parking, creeping, and lane and speed maintenance.

The focus of Session 2 is on teaching your driver how to adapt to different degrees of turns and learning to “look through” corners. A  large portion of this session is on a training track with no traffic or signage to be distracted by.

This session focuses on lane speed and consistency and introduces the driver to turn signals and stopping. They also have their first drive on real roads with signage and lights along with their first taste of freeway driving.

We’ve added in traffic to this session, with the focus being on awareness and the space around them. We teach the concept of safety buffers and lane changing around other cars.

The focus of this session is speed and distance, with specific drills like “right on red into on-coming traffic” and “unprotected left turns”. The session ends with freeway merging with and without traffic.

This session puts everything together with drives in both country and urban environments. Upon completion of this session they have a solid grasp of how to drive and are ready to get behind the wheel in real life.