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Driving Experts.

Drawing on decades of experience in motorsports, driver training, coaching, and engineering, our founders are committed to revolutionizing driver education. At Greenlight, your teen isn’t just learning to drive; they’re learning how to become better drivers from the best in the business.

Josh Hurley Chief Driving Officer at Greenlight Simulation

Our Chief Driving Officer Josh Hurley takes driving VERY seriously. He is a professional racing driver, race engineer, driver coach, and Founder of Motorsports Measurements, a driver development and data analysis firm.​ He has built advanced driving curriculum for a variety of racing schools and driver training operations, including the US Department of State Special Ops Division.​

CEO Jason Zimmerman is a championship racer with a passion for coaching. He’s coached several sports teams ranging from grade school recreational teams to his own high school alma mater basketball team. The idea for Greenlight Simulation came to him as he was driving a local freeway and got frustrated at how poorly people were driving. Knowing he had two daughters approaching 16, he decided he wanted to develop a generation of better drivers and connected with Ben and Josh to make that vision come to life.

Ben Willshire Chief Commercial Officer at Greenlight Simulation

Our CCO Ben Wilshire was the Engineering and Product Testing Manager for the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory’s Road Safety and Driver Safety Research Division​. He is currently the CEO of Driven International, a company that designs race tracks and facilities. His experience with driving simulators has been instrumental to developing our offering.


Simulator Technology

Research has proven that simulators are an effective driver training tool. Simulation-based training is utilized in several high-risk industries like aviation, law enforcement, and medicine.  Our best pilots and surgeons are being taught with simulation technology, why wouldn’t we use it to teach this generation of new drivers that is already so adept at learning digitally?

Screen grab from a Greenlight simulator showing a high street full of traffic and pedestrians

Driver training has been stagnant for the past 30 years, but the driving experience has changed significantly, particularly with the introduction of new technologies. It’s a sad fact that drivers are more distracted and less patient today. We are on a mission to develop safer, smarter drivers by utilizing our expertly designed simulator technology and curriculum.

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