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Buckle up!

You’ve got an *almost* new driver in the family! Now what?

Don’t worry, We’ve got you covered. Here’s the road to take.

Steps to Getting a Driver’s License in CA

Step 1 – Driver’s Ed Course

This course can be taken online or in person. *Not required for 18+

Step 2 – Schedule and Take the Permit Test at the DMV

You need to be at least 15 1/2.

Step 3 – Behind The Wheel Driver Training Lessons

New drivers must complete 6 hours with a DMV-certified driving school.

Step 4 – 50 Hours of Behind the Wheel Driving Practice

Step 5 – Take Behind-The-Wheel Driving Test at the DMV

With all this practice under their belt, your new driver will be ready hit the road.

No matter where you’re at in this journey, ensure your new driver is prepared for the road ahead with Greenlight Simulation.

Building Better,

Safer Drivers

Redefining Driver Training

You wouldn’t put someone into a baseball game if they don’t know how to throw, right? So why do we send people out to drive a car before they know how to “drive”?

That’s where Greenlight Simulation comes in. Our driving experts developed a driver training curriculum to teach new drivers how to drive BEFORE they get their license.

Our simulator-based driver training allows new drivers to engage in real, meaningful practice without the fear, stress, and consequences that inhibit the learning process.

By the end of our training your new driver will be confident and ready to hit the road.

What Makes Greenlight Better?

Learn From The Best Coaches In The Biz

What do your teen, professional racing drivers, and the US Special Forces have in common? At Greenlight Simulation they will get training & coaching from the exact same driving experts! 

Gain Real Skills In the Safety Of the Virtual World

Pilots use it, surgeons use it, now your teen can too!  Advanced simulator training like Greenlight’s, has been proven to transfer into the real world

Practice Difficult Scenarios That You Can't in Real Life

You can’t conjure up a red-light runner or hydroplaning in real life, but the simulator can! Greenlight’s purpose-built training sessions allow your driver to practice the dangerous, the difficult, and the scary.

See The Progress with Scorecards & Video Replays

 You’ll receive data on the driver’s performance complete with video replays and eyetracking overlay.

Here’s What Parents Are Saying

Greenlight is helpful for all new drivers. They get to experience driving without worrying about getting into an accident or angering others on the road.

Heather – Walnut Creek

Greenlight’s training significantly reduced the anxiety my daughter had…This is a game changer.”

Steven – Danville

I highly recommend Greenlight as an added layer of confidence and driving education. My daughter gained all the knowledge and courage to pass her driver’s test the first time.

Brian – Dublin

Can’t say enough about how awesome this is for your beginner driver! I am grateful not being in the passenger seat doing the early driver training…my floorboard thanks Greenlight!

Kim – Pleasanton

Give Your New Driver a Safer Start with Greenlight Simulation

A Better Way to Learn How to Drive