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Who is this for?

Our Core 6 Training Package is designed for new drivers who haven’t gotten their Driver’s Permit or completed their behind-the-wheel lessons. Our Specialty Drives are designed for anyone who has completed our Core 6 Training, anyone who has completed their behind-the-wheel lessons, or anyone who has their driver’s license.

What if my new driver already has their permit or license?

That’s great! If they haven’t begun their behind-the-wheel training they should start with our Core 6 Package. If they have completed their behind-the-wheel training or have their license we have advanced drives for experienced drivers to hone their skills in the safety of the simulator.

My driver is nervous about driving, can you help?

Absolutely. Our simulator-based training has already helped lots of people who experience high anxiety around driving to become more comfortable behind the wheel.  In fact, one of the great benefits of the simulator is that we can learn in a low consequence environment without all of the fear, stress, and anxiety about accidents, tickets, injuries, and damage. When we remove all of those negatives we remove barriers to learning and help our trainees build the skills, experience, and confidence they need to transition comfortably to real world driving.

Does this replace existing behind the wheel training?

No it doesn’t, but it does make you better prepared for it!

Currently, there is no legal way (we’re looking at you, you 14 year old parking lot practicers!) to get a basic skills foundation before being thrown behind the wheel of a car with a stranger. Greenlight offers a better, safer way to get started so that you arrive at your behind-the-wheel lessons with a higher level of skill, knowledge, and confidence making that training significantly better.

What can I expect during a session?

You mean besides 100% pure awesomeness? In addition to said awesomeness, you can expect a 1 hour driving simulator session composed of 3 to 5 distinct training lessons, aka “Drives” in Greenlight speak. 

As an illustration of a typical session here are the Drives from Session #3: 

Drive 1:  Speed Management & Consistency Exercises – One of the biggest contributors to two major traffic issues: accidents, and congestion, is speed management. Driving too fast for conditions, either by choice or through poor speed management skills is one of the leading causes of teen driving accidents, while speed inconsistency that results from poor speed management and anticipation creates “wave traffic” and the “concertina” or “accordion” effect that underlies most traffic congestion on the freeway. This module is designed to teach the importance of understanding visual techniques, throttle and braking inputs relative to what the road is doing, and how theses combine to create proper speed management and consistency. 

Drive 2:  Stopping Exercises – Understanding braking is a foundational skill that is a key contributor to safe driving. This Drive is designed to teach the principles of braking and includes training on stopping distances, braking pressure, stopping in relationship to signals and more.

Drive 3:  Introduction to Road Driving – Because we’re in a simulator we can do cool things that you can’t do in real life, like have a completely traffic free driving experience. This solo drive will help you get comfortable applying the foundational skills from this session’s earlier Drives while navigating real roads, traffic signals, stop signs, lane markings and more without having to worry about any other cars!  This drive takes place in our Valley Area environment which is modeled on real roads in the San Ramon Valley.  During this drive you’ll experience residential, rural, and commercial area roads, and you even get a chance to go on the freeway without any traffic.  It’s a great way to build comfort and confidence in your driving before things get “busy” out there. 

Drive 4:  Introduction to Freeway Driving – Just like our Introduction to Road Driving in Drive #3, we get a chance to hit the road with no other cars, but this time we’re on the freeway!  New drivers are often overly worried about freeway driving, and by getting a chance to start without traffic we can ditch those worries and build the skills needed to safely work our way up to traffic in our later sessions. During this drive we’re measuring our driver’s ability to stay in their lane, their visual performance in seeing far enough down the road for the higher speeds of freeway driving, and the necessary anticipation and pedal control skills needed to travel at a consistent speed on the freeway. 

 But wait, there’s more! In addition to all that cool stuff up above, you will receive feedback, training tips, and virtual coaching from Greenlight’s driver evaluation software. Upon completion of your session you’ll get online access to drive scorecards, showing you how you performed on several key safety and vehicle handling metrics, and also video replays of all of your driving, complete with an eye tracking overlay.  This data allows you to go back and review your visual and vehicle handling performance, and is key to helping you know what to work on as you continue your training. 

How do I book my sessions?

Once you purchase your package, you will be sent an email where you are able to book each one of your sessions online. In addition, if you buy any of the plus packages you will be able to book your open driving sessions after you complete all 6 core training sessions.

Eye-Tracking. What. What?

Truly state-of-the-art! Did you know that most drivers don’t look far enough down the road? Our integrated eye-tracking technology not only helps to train the eyes on where to look, it captures the driver’s eye movements in real time so that we can replay the driving session and show the driver where they were looking vs. where they should have been looking! We really can “see what they see” now. Just another awesome benefit Greenlight offers that you can’t get in a traditional driver training program.

Screen grab from a Greenlight simulator with cars in the background and eye data showing
Heatmap showing driver’s eye movements in a Greenlight Simulator.

What’s in the Core 6 Package?

Designed to take new drivers from zero driving experience through to a capable, road ready, daylight driver, Greenlight Simulation’s Core 6 Package includes six (6) 1-Hour training sessions that build upon each other to create a digital on-ramp to real world driving. Each 1-Hour session is composed of 3 to 5 distinct training lessons, aka “drives”, where trainees will work on foundational skills, acquire driving knowledge, and build confidence and capability behind the wheel.  The current sessions included in the Core 6 Package are:

Session 1:  Intro to Driving
Session 2: Vehicle Control and Turns
Session 3: Control Skills Assessment and Traffic-Free Road Driving
Session 4: Driving with Traffic (Including Freeway)
Session 5: Advanced Traffic and Challenging Maneuvers
Session 6: Risk Assessment with a Full Drive

Are there age restrictions?

The beauty of the simulator is that we don’t have to wait for learner’s permits or licenses!  We can get new drivers started early so they’re better prepared when they get on the road for the first time in real life. With that in mind, we recommend Greenlight for anyone age 14 and up. We’ve trained a wide-range of ages, from older teens and young adults who have anxiety around driving to adults who have never gotten their license.


Does this count towards getting a license?

Not yet, but we’re working on it!

Currently in California, a new driver is required to have 6 hours of professional behind the wheel instruction (which we firmly believe in and are not trying to replace or reduce) and also 50 hours of “supervised” practice with a licensed adult driver. It is our goal that we will be able to get some amount of simulator time to count towards that 50 hour requirement in the near future.

Does this count towards an insurance discount?

Not yet, but we’re working on it!

It is our goal to attain insurance discounts for Greenlight students.

Who are these guys?

Click here to learn more about our story, and how we make an impact on teen driver training.