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Is Your Driver Part of the Exceptional Ed Community?

Greenlight Simulation offers a better way to start their driving journey.

Simulator-Based Training – Reimagining Learning How to Drive.

Understanding the unique needs of our Exceptional Education* learners, we’ve developed a curriculum geared towards this amazing community. Greenlight’s simulators provide an opportunity to experience driving in a safe, worry-free environment, while giving our students, parents, and caregivers insight into a driver’s potential.

*Students with learning or processing differences, physical disabilities, speech & language difficulties and/or social or emotional issues.

Ready to Start?

We have mapped a route for drivers of all levels.

Step 1

Sign up for Greenlight’s Discovery Drive.

Step 2

Come see us for your scheduled appointment and experience real driving in the safety of the virtual world.  Our driving coaches will provide foundational instruction while guiding each driver through the Discovery Drive.

Step 3

Following the Discovery Drive, our team will reach out with recommendations for appropriate next steps for your driver.

Discovery Drive

Real Driving. Virtual World.


A 1 hour, one-on-one session with a Greenlight Simulation driving coach.

Designed to introduce your driver to the basics of driving, and help identify a path forward for their driving journey, Greenlight’s Discovery Drive is a unique and invaluable experience for the Exceptional Education community.

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Here’s What Parents Are Saying

I wish this had been opened sooner.  I took my second child to Greenlight and I’ve seen more confidence, and general awareness compared to my older child, who did not attend Greenlight.” 

Brian – Dublin

Greenlight is a stress-free environment that gives participants driving knowledge and skills before they get into an actual car for the first time.

Heather – Walnut Creek

You can practice in a safe, non-threatening environment. The instructors are with you for the entire training session, providing valuable feedback and guidance. I highly recommend Greenlight.

Steven – Danville

The trainers are nice and super flexible. Made my son feel comfortable immediately even though he is a nervous driver.

Kim – Pleasanton