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Anxious Driver?

Transform your Nervous Learner Into A Confident Driver With Simulator Training.

Greenlight’s training significantly reduced the anxiety my daughter had to get on the road. This is a game changer.

Jen – Walnut Creek

My daughter was very timid about driving. After her lessons, she was much more confident and ready to get behind the wheel of an actual car.

Anne – Danville

Greenlight was definitely helpful to accelerate the learning process. It reduced my child’s anxiety about getting on the road.

Joe – Pleasanton

Driver Training Re-Imagined

Learn From The Best Coaches In The Biz

What do your teen, professional racing drivers, and the US Special Forces have in common? At Greenlight Simulation they will get training & coaching from the exact same driving experts! 

Gain Real Skills In the Safety Of the Virtual World

Pilots use it, surgeons use it, now your teen can too!  Advanced simulator training like Greenlight’s, has been proven to transfer into the real world

Practice Difficult Scenarios That You Can't in Real Life

You can’t conjure up a red-light runner or hydroplaning in real life, but the simulator can! Greenlight’s purpose-built training sessions allow your driver to practice the dangerous, the difficult, and the scary.

See The Progress with Scorecards & Video Replays

 You’ll receive data on the driver’s performance complete with video replays and eyetracking overlay.

Learn more about our background and technology here.

See It In Action

 Pretty cool, right?

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Here’s What Parents Are Saying

I wish this had been opened sooner.  I took my second child to Greenlight and I’ve seen more confidence, and general awareness compared to my older child, who did not attend Greenlight.” 

Brian – Dublin

Greenlight is a stress-free environment that gives participants driving knowledge and skills before they get into an actual car for the first time.

Heather – Walnut Creek

You can practice in a safe, non-threatening environment. The instructors are with you for the entire training session, providing valuable feedback and guidance. I highly recommend Greenlight.

Steven – Danville

The trainers are nice and super flexible. Made my son feel comfortable immediately even though he is a nervous driver.

Kim – Pleasanton

Training For The Road Ahead

Six Dynamic Lessons Designed by Greenlight’s Driving Experts

Greenlight Simulation | Our Training Program Built By Driving Experts

Want to see a breakdown of each session? Click here.

Elevate Your Training

Take Your Skills to the Next Level With Our Advanced Package Add-Ons.

Night and Rain Driving Simulator Screenshot

From Rain To Night, We’ve Got You Covered

Get Unlimited Open Practice Drives for One Month

Freeway Driving Simulator Screenshot

How It Works

It’s Simple.


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Our Packages

Ready to drive? Choose your Greenlight Package below.

Worry Free Guarantee: If Greenlight isn’t right for you, just let us know and we’ll refund any unused portion of your training package.

Core 6


Six (6) 1-Hour training sessions that build upon each other to create a digital on-ramp to real-world driving.

Core 6 Plus


All Core 6 Sessions

PLUS: Two (2) 1-Hour training sessions, one is in the rain and one is at night.

Note: Rain & Night sessions can be scheduled upon completion of  the 6th session.

Core 6 Max


All Core 6 Sessions

PLUS: Two (2) 1-Hour training sessions, one is in the rain and one is at night.

AND: 1 month of unlimited open driving practice sessions.

Note: One month of unlimited practice sessions begin upon completion of the Rain & Night Drives.

*One session per day. Subject to simulator availability.