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Practice Challenging Scenarios That You Can't in Real Life

You can’t conjure up a red-light runner or hydroplaning in real life, but the simulator can! Greenlight’s purpose-built training sessions allow drivers to practice the dangerous, the difficult, and the scary.

Overcome Driving Anxiety in the Safety of the Virtual World

We get it! Driving can be scary, especially if you’ve been in an accident or experienced a close-call. Training in a simulator allows you to safely make mistakes, identify what you did wrong, and go through the scenario again until you get it right!

Become a Better, Safer Driver

Our team of driving experts has trained professional racing drivers and US Special Forces! They have developed state-of-the-art training programs to help drivers at any level improve in both skill and confidence.

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To grab our advanced drives, drivers must have completed behind-the-wheel training or hold a valid driver’s license.

Worry Free Guarantee: If Greenlight isn’t right for you, just let us know and we’ll refund any unused portion of your training package.

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From Rain To Night, We’ve Got You Covered.

Get Two Hours of Training in Challenging Conditions.

Rain (1hr) – Greenlight’s technology allows drivers of all levels to experience slick roads and hydroplaning in the safety of the simulator. Our drills and exercises reinforce how to adapt and handle some of driving’s most dangerous scenarios. Avoid accidents by practicing for the unexpected.

Night (1hr) – Over 40% of automobile accidents occur at night. Our Night Drive session presents drivers with night driving challenges like reduced visibility, glare, and decreased depth perception and trains them on how to adjust their driving accordingly. This session ends with a rain and night drive to combine the learnings from both sessions.

Unlimited Open Practice Drives for 1 Month

Looking to Fine-Tune your Driving Skills?

With our Open Practice package, drivers  can practice a myriad of drills of their choice. In each 1-hour practice session, the driver can practice anything from “unprotected left turns”, “merging on and off the freeway”, or just go for a drive around our virtual world.

*One session per day. Subject to simulator availability.

**Rain and Night scenarios are ONLY available to anyone who has completed our Rain and Night Package.

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