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Our Mission is to Help People Become the Safest, Most Confident, and Skillful Driver They Can Be.

A Smarter Way To Learn How To Drive, Built by Driving Experts.

We are engineers, racers, creators, coaches, parents, and car geeks who are passionate about the art and science of driving. We fundamentally believe we are building a future where people are better, safer drivers.

Jason Zimmerman - Chief Executive Officer

Jason Zimmerman

Chief Executive Officer

Jason is a championship winning racer who is passionate about the art and science of driving. He is committed to his vision of building better, safer drivers through the application of technology and better training techniques. He loves working with kids and has coached many sports teams through the years. And yes, this whole Greenlight thing is his fault​! Raised in Danville, CA he started Greenlight out of his garage (as all good start-ups do).

Josh Hurley

Chief Driving Officer​

Josh is a professional racing driver, race engineer, driver coach, and Founder of Motorsports Measurements, a driver development and driving data analysis firm.​ He has been professionally engaged in motorsport and driving instruction for more than 15 years with championships and race wins across an array of races including the TDI Cup, the IMSA Continental Challenge, and the Lamborghini Super Trofeo.​ In addition to race coaching Josh has provided professional driving instruction for the US Department of State in vehicle dynamics and advanced driving, as well as writing curriculum for a variety of racing schools and driver training operations.​ It’s safe to say he takes driving VERY seriously.

Ben Willshire

Chief Commercial Officer

Ben is the Founder and Managing Director of Driven International, an award-winning international automotive group that designs race tracks and facilities. Prior to that he was the Engineering and Product Testing Manager for the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory – Road Safety and Driver Safety Research.​ Additionally, Ben has competed as a successful racing driver, winning 4 national titles and breaking lap records at prestigious tracks such as Silverstone and Oulton Park. So yes, Ben knows his way around a steering wheel!

Dan Marcucci

Chief Technical Officer

Dan is the odd-man out in terms of his driving expertise (he doesn’t even own a car)! But that doesn’t stop him from being an integral part of Team Greenlight. With over 10 years of experience in the design, development, and deployment of several web and mobile applications, Dan keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes. 

Terry Van Baalen

Simulator Content Specialist

Terry is no stranger to driving simulation, having worked with industry leaders all around the world. In the past 6 years, he’s overseen simulation installations and conducted training at major suppliers and OEMs. He recognized Greenlight’s vision as something he could believe in and contribute to and was excited to join the team. With expertise in terrain creation and graphical assets building, Terry is excited to be providing Greenlight customers with all sorts of driving locations and real-life roads to practice on. Terry might not have as much driving and racing experience as the rest of the team, but he knows roads! 

Nichole Hsu

Marketing Manager 

Nichole has a history of product management for a variety of consumer goods companies. She took a reprieve from paid work to raise her two daughters, do a ton of school and community volunteer work, and started her own company helping people with their digital photos. As the parent of a new driver, she hopped on the chance to join and help build Greenlight, whose product and mission she truly believes in.

Maggie Accardo

Digital Marketing Associate 

Maggie is a recent Gonzaga University graduate with a major in Marketing and a minor in Digital Marketing. She brings a dynamic blend of creativity and strategy to our team. She infuses her energy into our workspace, keeping the office young and the vibes high. When she’s not crafting marketing masterpieces, she’s crafting the perfect Taylor Swift playlist for our creative sessions.