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Over the last 30 years technology has improved many things in our lives, allowing us to work, play, and learn in new ways. Surprisingly, there are still some areas that haven’t capitalized on technological advancement, and learning how to drive is one of them. Greenlight Simulation is on a mission to change that with our new simulator-based driver training program.

Simulator-Based Training is Proven Technology

Research has shown that simulators are an effective driver training tool, and simulation training is trusted in other high-risk industries like aviation, law enforcement, and medicine. Building on that foundation of effectiveness, Greenlight Simulation is the first company to bring simulator-based driver training to the general public. Rather than just throwing unprepared new drivers behind the wheel like we do now, Greenlight teaches them the core skills of driving, in the safety of a virtual world, before they get behind the wheel in real life.

Developed by Driving Experts

Greenlight’s Chief Driving Officer has logged thousands of hours training and coaching US Special Forces, professional racing drivers, and US Department of State Foreign Service personnel, through an array of different advanced driving programs. The team at Greenlight has distilled that knowledge and expertise into a comprehensive learning experience that guides students through a series of training scenarios that build upon one another to create a solid foundation of driving skill. To help track their performance and progress, all trainees receive a personal scorecard and video replays of their driving. A key component of this feedback is Greenlight’s unique eye-tracking data overlay, which illustrates what the driver was looking at while driving. This information, available only at Greenlight, is an invaluable tool for teaching and improving visual performance that is critical to vehicle control, risk awareness, and defensive driving.

Greenlight Simulation | Our Training Program Built By Driving Experts

Confident Drivers = Safe Drivers

With more distractions, higher levels of traffic, and an increase in road rage incidents, Greenlight knows that learning to drive can be stressful for both the teen and the parent. It’s hard to learn, or teach, when you’re nervous. Greenlight’s simulator-based training removes those learning barriers and provides a risk-free, low-stress environment where new drivers get a grasp of the foundational driving skills, gain experience, and build confidence before getting behind the wheel in real life. Both parents and teens who’ve chosen Greenlight have said that the training courses eased their anxiety and have given them confidence to get out on the road.

New Drives Launched for Winter Driving!

“With daylight waning and another wet winter predicted, we really wanted to give our students the opportunity to practice challenging real-life scenarios in the safety of our simulators. Our teaching philosophy is built around repetition in training exercises. It’s not enough to experience hydroplaning once and hope it doesn’t happen again, they need repetition to truly learn to handle these types of conditions,” said Chief Driving Officer Josh Hurley. Greenlight’s new Rain and Night Drives offers teens the chance to learn how to adjust their speed, braking, steering, and vision to adapt to the dangerous road conditions that rain and night driving pose.